At Seventh Heaven London Erotic Massage we aim to train and educate our masseuses in the art of prostate massage. Yes that is right. We consider prostate massage an art. It is simply more than sticking a finger up ones a…s.
We make our masseuses aware of the male G-spot; that it is the equivalent of the female G-spot so it should be treated with love and care.

the prostate massage for pleaseure
Unfortunately there are many agencies and masseuses around who offer a prostate massage to make more money; an attitude that we loath.
So whenever you decide to treat yourself to a special prostate massage, make sure to deal with the right agency.

A Sexy G-Spot Massage experience for Men

The prostate gland is the most sexy an at the same time most taboo part of a man’s body. It is an extremely important part of the male anatomy and takes responsibility for maintaining normal sexual functioning; especially ejaculation.

The Prostate & Massage

This small gland, which is about the same size as a chestnut, is located behind the pubic bone just below the bladder and in front of the rectum and wraps around the urethra. Its main function is to nourish the sperm so that they can make their way through the tract; this is done by producing a milky white seminal fluid which when mixed with the sperm accounts for approximately 30% of  the fluid that is ejaculated at the highest point ofarousal. The gland is also responsible for preventing urination during the ejaculation process by closing the urethra during sexual stimulation.

There are two main purposes for prostate massage. The first is to treat prostatitis and to eliminate its symptoms. The second is all about to stimulate the male G-spot; helping to make erections stronger and to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

For many heterosexual men it may be difficult on a psychological basis to come to terms with having a massage that focuses on this part of their body as they may feel that the anus is dirty when in actual fact diseases that can be caused as a direct result of neglecting this gland may prove a lot more distasteful.

Yes that’s right. Regular stimulation of your prostate through this type of massage has been proven to prevent diseases such as prostate dysfunction, malfunction or even prostate cancer. So not only is it fun, it’s a life saver as well. And please don’t worry; when you are a heterosexual guy nothing is more satisfying than a sexy, beautiful masseuse inserting her finger into your most highly sexually sensitive part of your body.

Your male G-spot. Most men who regularly have their prostate or G-spot stimulated during massage have found relief from long standing problems such as impotency. Besides they have experienced improved erectile andejaculation issues. In other words, they are more up to the job!

London Prostate massage has also been known to relieve prostate problems associated to prostatitis, a very undesirable disease.

Bear in mind, that as with a special massage like the prostate massage it is extremely important for you to be clean. If possible try to open your bowels prior to your prostate massage as this will help the masseuse to work more relaxed and to locate that special G-spot easier.

A Sensual Prostate Massage for Pleasure

Once your masseuse starts pleasuring your most intimate area, remain calm and relaxed. The more you are relaxed, the smoother the massage becomes. Everyone responds different to a prostate massage. It is important to communicate your wishes and preferences with your masseuse. Tell her when you like it. But also do tell her when you surely not like it. Moving her finger a little different, using a bit more or a bit less pressure, going a bit deeper, this all might be the difference between pain and pleasure. Do not hold back. Your masseuse is there to please you.

Any experienced and devoted masseuse will use good lubricants. And lots of it! Lubricants are fundamental for a pleasurable prostate massage. Usually your masseuse will begin her prostate massage with circular stroking motions to relax the area before she even inserts her finger.

You will easily recognize the experienced and devoted specialist prostate therapist. Her approach is so much different. Consequently your experience of such a special G-spot massage will be very memorable.

Erections are inherent to a proper prostate massage. It’s simply the result of gentle stimulation of the prostate whereby sex hormones are released easily. There will be an intense feeling of sensual arousal; a totally different kind of sexual arousal than you experience when you are sexually stimulated in the traditional way. It’s not easy to explain. The experience will reveal the difference.

Gradually you will feel a sensation of a slow and upcoming ejaculation. It is inevitable and uncontrollable. Only your masseuse can control your ejaculation by simply slowing down her actions or releasing some pressure on your prostate. A good masseuse will always observe your level of arousal and adjust her stimulation accordingly. The so called touch and tease technique.

Eventually you will beg for release. And once you get it, it is of an unprecedented intensity. Often feeling like anendless stream of divine juices.

Once you get back to the actual world you will feel deeply relaxed and at the same time totally rejuvenated.

The special Prostate massage is not for everyone, but it surely is worth trying. You can book an erotic massage session in our massage parlour in central London (choose from one of our incall locations) or order an outcall service and let our masseuse visit your place to provide the sensual private massage.