7th Heaven London Asian massage is a massage to stimulate the erogenous zones. It is also called Asian sensual massage or oriental sensual massage and it is the total opposite of therapeutic massage.

In ancient oriental empire , massage can be used to relax the body, in relaxation massages, or it can be used to bring healing to various parts of the body that are in need of attention, through therapeutic massage. Adult massage can incorporate some of these elements as well, although it has its own focus. As one of the most basic and popular forms of sensual Asian massage, Erotic Massage is a general term used to describe massage which is used to stimulate the body’s erogenous zones. Also known as the Ero massage or as a sensual massage, this is the complete opposite of a therapeutic massage.

How Asian Massage performed

our japanese massage girl in LondonWhile in a therapeutic massage the masseuse will consciously avoid the erogenous area and the customer’s nudity, an Asian Massage will focus entirely on these elements. The masseuse will do everything in her power to bring the sexual senses to life, focusing on the erogenous zones to bring about a state of arousal and relaxation. This may start out with basic Swedish massage techniques used in other circumstances to bring about this state of relaxation. The masseuse will gently stroke the customer’s naked body, to soothe him and bring about a state of calm. Yet in a sensual massage of this nature, the masseuse will be completely nude or in arousing lingerie, to stimulate the visual senses.

In some cases, the massage will escalate so that as part of the Erotic Massage, the sexy nude masseuse will rub her naked body all over the customer’s own naked body, in a Body to Body massage. This is a popular form of eroticism that can be intensely arousing to clients in need of release. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it can become one large erogenous zone in this type of context, with millions of nerve endings just begging to be touched.

Another technique which can be used in any Asian Massage is direct stimulation of the body’s most sensitive parts. While at first the masseuse may avoid these, to bring about a sense of relaxation, she will gradually turn her attention more and more to their care. With stroking movements, she can bring about a manual stress release. This is achieved with lubrication and her careful attentions on a man’s most delicate parts, so that he is able to feel a full sense of release at the end of the massage, also called a happy ending.
In some cases, an oriental Massage can also include pressure being applied to the prostate, also known as the male G-Spot. The beauty of any erotic massage techniques is that they can be adapted to suit every individual. If you have specific needs or areas of your body that you want more attention lavished upon, all you need to do is speak up and the masseuse will be able to direct her attentions to those parts of your body that are the most sensitive. In London, the Asian massage is one of the best ways to stay healthy and relieve stress, as a result.

The London best Oriental massage experts

We have group of elite oriental masseuses (well trained, sexy and beautiful, much better than other ‘Asian massage parlours’ stuff ) you can choose from, and if you wish to enjoy a Asian massage by European masseuse , we can also arrange for you. The whole massage session can be customized up to your needs.

  • 1 hrs. gbp 120
  • 1.5 hrs. gbp 170
  • 2 hrs. gbp 220

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