Having a massage while in London has become even more exciting with the Foot Fetish Massage. You can escape your usual routine and have your fantasies fulfilled!

We at 7th Heaven, take delight in offering erotically sensual sessions that include fulfilling a variety of different fantasies. Just let us know your hidden desires and if they involve partaking in the enjoyment of beautifully manicured feet, massaging and kissing them we are happy to oblige. Whether you enjoy being on the receiving end or want to massage the feet of another we can fulfill your every foot fetish fantasy.

Massage her feet or let her feet touching your body…worship sexy feet & fulfill your fantasy…enjoy a special fetish session by 7th heaven.

Call us on : 075858 77798 or send email to 7thheavenlondonmassage@gmail.com for booking or any enquires.

The Foot Fetish & Sensual Treatments

You can receive a regular sensual or tantric massage at the start, to get you fully relaxed. But of course all we do is optional so let us know what you have in mind so we can fulfill your desires.

foot fetish massage London

do you love feet?

Your masseuse will make sure you’re relaxed, then you may either massage her feet and legs, kiss and play with them and enjoy a bit of foot foreplay. All this is not out of the ordinary. Some like to be tickled, teased and titillated in other areas along with your feet. We all have areas of our bodies that are highly sensitive, and our feet may be one of them.

Sometimes we use feathers and masks to heighten the other senses, which all works to enhance any sensual stimulation, making the entire experience more pleasurable.

Do you want to learn how to sensually massage a girl’s body? Or to only massage her feet? We will be happy to show you how we want it done. We’re all different and many are eager to learn how to pleasure another. To get ready for this alluring fetish session we will both take a shower to make sure we are perfectly clean and fresh before we start playing foot fantasy with each other!

Let our Japanese masseuse Cindy give you a little hint of foot fetish massage:

You set the agenda so we can customize the session around your needs and desires. If you want your shoulders and back massaged or a massage on other areas of your body, all this can be incorporated. We can even do a bit of “role-playing” if you wish.

When we role-play we will play the fantasy role that you wish. One example would be if you wish to role-play shoe shopping. I will saunter in with my gorgeous feet with toenails painted in red or pink, whichever you prefer.

You will play the roll of assisting me, asking which shoes I would like to try on. You will then proceed to slowly remove my silk stockings, admiring my beautiful feet. You will gaze at them in adoration, asking me do I prefer the open-toed heels, or something to expose even more of my feet. You will begin to caress my feet and slowly start tickling them, which can be very titillating and give me a lot of pleasure as well!

As you get more and more carried away, kissing and caressing my tender toes and feet, you will become enthralled, loving every second.

Book our Foot fetish Treatment

Please call us if you feel the desire for feet therapy. We certainly look forward to seeing you here experiencing this exclusive foot fetish session in London. We are centrally located in Bayswater London, just a quick call away.

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