Body to Body massage, also called Body2Body or Body-Body massage is the hottest of all naked massages. Instead of her hands the masseuse uses her body.

full body nude mutual massageThere are many different varieties of naked and erotic massage techniques out there, but the hottest of all them is considered to be London body to Body massage. This can also be referred to as Body-Body massage, Body2Body, or even B2B massage. In this form of erotic, sensuous massage, the masseuse uses her entire naked body to massage the customer’s body. Instead of simply using her hands, she can slide her naked body all over the customer, rubbing up against him with the use of wet and warm oil and massage gel. This provides slippery lubrication making this type of massage an extremely sensual, sexual, and highly erotic experience.

the Erotic Nude Massage

When you book a full body massage in London, it usually begins with a skilled and sexy masseuse arriving at your door. She will set the mood for your adult massage to come, perhaps by lighting candles and incense, if desired, or by playing Tantric music to get you more in the mood for relaxation. As the lights dim and your clothes come off, your masseuse will remove her clothing as well and start the massage with a basic rubdown. This will help start the process of putting you in a more sensual mood, as you can feel the physical tension melt away.

As the massage goes on, your masseuse will pour warm, wet oil all over her naked body as well as yours, to enhance the lubrication effect. She will then be able to glide all over your body, so that you can feel every sensual curve as it caresses your skin. With a Body-Body massage, nothing is left to the imagination as you are able to see and feel everything that happens. All you need to do is lie back and enjoy the unparalleled treat of seeing a sexy naked girl gliding her body across your and rubbing you from head to toe.

The Body-Body massage can be extremely intense and arousing. It is one of the most popular types of adult massages, because it can be so exciting. The massage will continue in this state as you become increasingly aroused and aware of every inch of your body being rubbed by your masseuse, until the time comes for an ultimate stress release. This is usually in the form of a hand-given happy ending, during which time you will feel the stress literally rush away from your body in a stream.

The end result of this type of intensive erotic experience is a feeling of deep satisfaction, warm happiness, and bliss. After a Body-Body massage with full release, you will not even remember what it feels like to be stressed. There are a few variations on this basic formula. Some customers may prefer to have two masseuses perform the B2B massage, for example, for an even more intense experience. This allows them to watch two gorgeous nude girls rub all over each other as well as on the customer’s body, for a sensual visual treat that cannot be paralleled in any other type of erotic massage experience.

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