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An erotic massage is essentially a non-therapeutic full body massage that incorporates stimulation of the sensual senses and usually results in a release of stress and toxic body fluids. Though this type of sensual stimulation is surely a highly erotic experience there is no intercourse or oral sex involved.

Erotic massage in London comes in many faces. Usually an erotic massage is performed fully nude. Being completely naked allows sensual energy from the masseuse to be easier transferred onto the customer’s nude body. The massage involves every part of the body, including the Lingam. Initially the Lingam is completely avoided in order for you to become completely relaxed and prepared for the touching of your Lingam in the second half of the session.

When eventually the masseuse concentrates on your Lingam, you will experience lots of sexual arousal. When you are on the brink of orgasm, the masseuse backs off and encourages you to take deep breaths. Then when you are relaxed again the masseuse will start all over, bring you close to orgasm and back off again. This repeat touch and tease will help you to control your ejaculation. Eventually you will achieve longer, more intense and more pleasurable orgasms.

Depending on the mood-of-the-moment your masseuse may search for your sacred spot, the perineum, the external part of the prostate, which is located between your testicles and your anus. It is a small indentation about the size of a pea. She may massage it and gently increase the pressure to intensify your release.


Relax massage or relaxation massage is often synonymous with erotic massage, but not always. When the adjective ‘adult’ is used in combination with relax massage, the definition is pretty clear. Relax massages for adults are also called sensuous massage, exotic massage or tantric massage where sensual stimulation is triggered through sexy touches of the skin – the largest and most under estimated sex organ of the human body.

A relax massage for adults is always performed according to the Swedish or Asian massage style, blended with sensual stimulating elements, incenses and mood enhancing music to create sexual arousal. Relaxing massage in London is offered by an abundance of providers. It’s a luxury relaxation service for naughty adults.


Here in London, erotic massage is often called Tantric massage or Tantra massage; however if you are looking for an authentic Tantric massage in London, performed by a skilled Goddess, it is always recommended to ask upfront if such a genuine Tantra massage is on the menu.

At Seven heaven London we offer our own, exciting version of Tantric massage which is very much appreciated by all of our customers. Our Tantric massage is sensual, no spiritual. It is still an erotic relaxation session, but blended with all the physical stimulating and naughty elements of Tantra.


The benefits of erotic massages are many, both physical and emotional. These types of adult massage can reduce blood pressure, increase duration and quality of life, slow down prostate enlargement and reduce stress.

Especially stress is something to take into account. When stress remains at peak levels it can settle in areas of your body that are extremely receptive to emotional troubles: your erogenous zones. To release the build-up of stress in these intimate body parts, any erotic massage or tantric massage is one of the best ways to break the vicious circle of daily stress, giving a positive impact on your relationships at work and at home.


Erotic massage in London, including Tantric massage, is undoubtedly a very exciting, stimulating experience that arouses sexual senses. Sometimes customers confuse this sexual arousal with the need of ‘wanting more’ or the urge for ‘special services’.

We understand this very well. We also understand that it may be very hard to relax when both you and your masseuse are naked and the sight of that beautiful, sensual female creature touching your body with her hands and her nude body – hey, sometimes life is a bitch!
Regardless how hard it is (!), bear in mind that we massage and you relax -we luv you long time for that Sir!


To help you relax and to guarantee a satisfying massage experience for both you and the masseuse, we have set a Code of Conduct that will prevent any awkward or unpleasant situation.

Despite the fact that our masseuses work naked and perform erotic massages, they are very human and value good manners and being treated with respect; they simply love gentlemen! Good manners are the best way to enjoy the most heavenly and most satisfying massage experience in London.

Our Code of Conduct says:

Shower prior to the massage
Set room temperature at min. 21° C.
Be alone in the room during the session
Be free from influence of alcohol
Be free from influence of drugs
Settle payment upon masseuse’s arrival
No touching of the masseuse
Don’t ask for ‘extra services’- aka full service massage
Don’t ask for her private number

Misbehaviour might instantly end the massage session without any financial compensation, so please be a good boy.

Needless to say that you will allow your masseuse to have a quick shower after the session and that you have a clean, large size towel available for her.


Erotic and tantric massage is not for everyone. People who suspect that our erotic massage services are a front for, uh, prostitution, have to be disappointed. Though we understand why people think like this, often erotic massage in London is just the front, the start to a journey of hot and steamy sex with a London escort girl. Here at 7th heaven these things are ‘not done’.

We consider ourselves a respectable and decent agency for sensual full body massage. Nude massages are naughty, OK – But more than that? Not OK!

Despite all the information on our site, all the details you can Google on Tantric massage in London, sexy full on massage, couples massage, body-to-body massage London, virtually anything massage in the Capital of the UK, despite all that, our operators get lots of questions – serious and silly – about the services offered by 7th heaven London.

Here is a list of the most asked questions and the responses of our friendly staff.

Caller: “Do you offer an in-call facility?”
Operator: “No. We only offer visiting or outcall massage. We do massage at home or at your hotel in London.”

Caller: “Do you offer ‘extra’ services?”
Operator: “No. We do not offer any illegal services. And during a massage we do not expect you to solicit for illegal services either.”

Caller: “Do you accept credit cards?”
Operator: “No, 7th heaven is a cash-only company, for the sake of discretion. We do however, accept USD and EUROS.”

Caller: “Must I stay passive during massage?”
Operator: “Yes sir! We understand it may be hard, but passive pleasure is what 7th heaven is all about. So please behave!”

Caller: “Can I have sex with the masseuse?”
Operator: “Oh please, cum on. That is a very wrong question! Big No! If you need sex, you have to find yourself a London escort service or join a hook-up site on the internet.”

Caller: “If I don’t like the masseuse upon arrival, can I cancel?”
Operator: “Sure you can. But there is a penalty fee of 100 pound sterling for cancellation upon arrival.”

Caller: “How much are the transportation costs?”
Operator: “In central London the masseuses use a combination of public transport and taxi to keep the transportation charge affordable at gbp 20~30. Some districts and the airport areas command a different charge. That depends on your location.” We are not available for heathrow airport delivery sometimes, so if you stay in Heathrow airport, we recommend you to contact Sensual massage at Heathrow Airport, (they providing very good massage service ) or visit our Paddington massage parlour by Heathrow transports (HeathrowExpress or underground – see details : http://www.heathrowairport.com/transport-and-directions/getting-into-london)

Caller: “My hotel needs a key card to access the elevator. How does your masseuse deal with that?”
Operator: “Yes, that is a hotel policy for your privacy and safety. Our masseuses simply request a temporary card at the reception without compromising your privacy and discretion.”

Caller: “Are my personal details safe with you?”
Operator: “Of course sir, your personal identifiable details are destroyed after your booking, according to the UK Data protection Act. Not to worry about that.”

Caller: “Which areas in in Greater London do you serve?”
Operator: “That is a long list, sit back and listen carefully. We serve the areas in London of which the postal code starts with: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10, SW11, SE1, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE7, SE8, SE10, SE11, SE13, SE14, SE15 – are you listening?! – SE16, SE17, SE18, E1, E2, E3,E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, E16, N1, N3, N7, N12, N18, NW1, NW2, NW4, NW5, NW6, NW8, NW11, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W14. Are you still there?!”

Caller: “Wow, that is a lot of codes. I will be in central London soon. Are you sure the masseuse does not do oral sex? I love sex and I need that. Are you sure she will not make an exception for me?”
Silence – Operator has disconnected!